Meet the models

Meet Remi, a 1 year old ball loving fox red Lab from the Cotswolds. This all round good girl is currently a gundog in training. Remi also enjoys foraging for snacks in the woods much to her mum’s dismay. Follow her adventures online @remithefox 

Heidi is a fun loving 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer from Yorkshire who certainly doesn’t let her age slow her down. She can be frequently found hiking the peaks on her adventures. Follow her online @schnauzgram 

Yui and Kurt are two Welsh Shiba Inus that have a penchant for squirrels. These two love nothing more than zooming through the wilderness together followed by a good nap. Follow them online @welsh.shibas

Meet Sonny and Moose, two rescue Greyhounds living it up in the south. While these boys sure can run, they definitely love their sleep. These resident thieves also can’t help themselves to a slipper or two. Follow their adventures @the_silly_hounds

Rocky is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd from Yorkshire. Since joining the LP team this vocal boy has become best friends with the company’s CEOs Penny and Freyja. When he’s not exploring and having fun you can find him strutting his stuff on the agility course. Follow him online @theyorkshireaussie 

Sawyer is a 1 year Border Collie with a flair for adventure! Like a true Collie she excels at agility and playing ball. Her favourite place to visit is the beach and if you are lucky you will catch her there in her extra cool Rex Specs. Follow her online @stories_of_sawyer 

Ari is a 2 year old miniature long haired Dachshund. Her favourite thing to do is play chase with her kitty brother Batman before snuggling up with her mum to nap. Ari loves to model especially since looking cute gets her all the treats. Follow her online @ariana_grandpup

Pedro is a show Cocker Spaniel from Essex that is one tough cookie. Since surviving mouth cancer Pedro gets to enjoy life to the fullest, swimming in dirty water and chasing all the squirrels. This little fighter beat all the odds and gets to live his messiest and best life. Follow him online @pedro.the.cocker.spaniel

Loki is one strikingly handsome boy with heterochromia, just like his mum. He loves his squeaky balls and naps on the sofa. Careful though because this stinker always farts as he jumps on for a snuggle! Follow him online @polka_dot_loki  

Nala is one athletic girl and like a true retriever she loves balls more than anything! Nala is the perfect family dog with 3 children to always play with. She is certainly one well loved pooch! Follow her online @ourlife_ourway_

Jessie is lovingly known as “tiger dog” in her local neighbourhood. She is a 4 year old mixed breed from Battersea Rescue. Jessie’s favourite activity is chewing up all the post, what else is it there for?! Follow her adventures online @jessie_and_the_kitties

Ellie is a 5 year old Golden Retriever from Cheshire. Like most Goldens she loves her food and can hear a cheese packet open a mile away. Despite this blonde haired beauty sometimes being a diva she still enjoys long adventures with plenty of swimming! Follow her online @ellie_golden_girl_

Leonard is one feisty little man from Yorkshire who loves a good tennis ball! When he is not on his adventures around the countryside, Lenny loves to sit with his head out of the cat flap spying on the neighbours. Follow him online @yorkshirelenny

River is one year old dally that loves nothing more than carrying home a packet of crisps from her adventures. We definitely approve of a post walk snack! This spotted girl is also known as “Little Nibbler” as she loves to nibble her favourite humans when she’s excited. Follow her adventures online @river.the.dalmatian

Meet Zoe, a 2 year Doberman from Cornwall. Zoe loves nothing more than dinner, snacks, and just anything edible! In fact Zoe loves food so much she doesn’t even chew. She will happily swallow her food whole. Follow her online @zodobie

Oakley is our largest model here at LP. Oakley is one super handsome Cane Corso. His favourite walks include both the forest and the beach but most of all he loves playing in the garden, especially when it snows! Follow him online @oakley_the_cane_corso

Rupert and Spencer

Meet the ambassadors

Meet Reggie and Paddy! While Paddy loves exploring every countryside bush in the north, Reggie loves chasing his ball. However, once all exploring is done this handsome duo both love a good snooze in the house. Follow them online @labsupnorth

What a gang! What’s better than one Collie? 4 Collies! Millie, Alfie, Freya and baby Finn love travelling together in their campervan ready to see all the British sites. This beautiful bunch also compete in canicross and have even taken home 1st place. Follow the gang online @tail_on_the_trails

Emma is an Aussie/Collie cross all the way from Germany! Emma loves swimming and no day is too cold for a short dip in her favourite river. You can always find this gorgeous girl enjoying a paddle in a lake, the sea or even a fountain. She doesn’t even mind a bath! Follow her online @emma.the.bc

Meet Daisy a 2 year old Dalmatian from Wales! She is a baby at heart and always ready to play, her favourite games being both frisbee and tug with the occasional zoomies around the house. Daisy can be shy around new people but once she knows you she is sure to pin you down and smother you with a thousand kisses. Follow her online @daisydalmatians

Mali and Ed 

Want to join the team?

Looking to join our team? We have a very dedicated and supportive collection of dog models here at Lucky Penny and extra slots do not open very often. When we are holding a new model search all information will be provided on our Instagram page. Unfortunately, there is no set date for this. If you are interested in applying keep following our page and interacting with our posts.